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PA Day Agenda

Professional Activity Day Agenda – Revised

School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

September 3, 2019


  • Welcome Prayer and Acknowledgement of Land Sept 3 Opening Liturgy (All Staff)
  • Indigenous Learning Video Series (All staff)


  • SIPSA Review – Principal (All Staff)
  • Departmental SIPSA Review – break out into department or divionsal groups to look at specific SIPSA goals and discuss monitoring strategies to ensure progress towards achieving specific SIPSA goals


  • Review of Revised GLC2O Curriculum (Secondary Schools – Grade 10 Civics and Careers Teachers)
  • Reviewing Student/Classroom Learning Profiles and IEPs (Teacher Directed)
  • Reflections on the Learning from the Day – Survey (All Staff)

Note:  All CDSBEO Elementary and Secondary school communities will host the Professional Activity session at their home school community with their staff.

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