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Bravo Breakfast Recipients

Each year, the CDSBEO celebrates the contributions, achievements, and successes of our most outstanding students. The Bravo Breakfast Awards provide a public forum to honour these students for their ongoing contribution to our school system, and their Catholic communities. The awards commend the unsung heroes in our schools who make a significant and positive contribution to the life of their school. These students contribute to creating a positive environment for their peers.

High School Recipient – James Drapeau – Grade 11

You can always count on a smile from James with every interaction, as he demonstrates his unselfish, big heart and exemplifies the concept of Loving Others as Yourself. James provides support and care with a genuine approach, and he demonstrates great perseverance with all academic tasks. As well, he takes on a leadership role with the many social justice initiatives at the school, as exemplified by his initiative and idea last year to raise money and awareness for homeless youth in our area. Last year’s St Luke Night on the Street raised about $1500 (students slept on the street and raised money through luminaries in memory of loved ones). James spoke to the St Francis Parish in an effort to raise money for this cause. This year he has continued his work by participating in Cornerstone Landings One Cold Night in November. Also, he is planning on participating in the Coldest Night, which happens in February, and it is a walk to raise awareness and support for this cause. We thank you James for his many contributions to our school and making Christ’s words come to life with actions. Congratulations James!

Elementary Recipient – Logan Ross – Grade 8

Logan has been at St. Luke for almost 2 years. He has grown academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He is often a great role model at school, whether it be in the classroom, in the gym, or in the schoolyard. Even with his learning challenges, he always tries his best and is able to complete all assignments. He is eager to do well and often asks for assistance and/or clarification. Logan is a good person, friend and classmate. He is often seen helping those around him with school work, solving problems on the school yard or just demonstrating positive behaviour. Logan has matured over the past months, has displayed thoughtfulness and caring and deserves to be recognized for his efforts. Congratulations Logan!

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