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CDSBEO Week – Focus on Empathy – TUESDAY

Today all students at St Luke discussed and shared their understanding about empathy.  Staff member, Jordan Burnie, created a slide presentation to explore the concept of empathy.  Students started by watching a short video about empathy by Brene Brown (see link below).  Important quotes were shown and students were asked to reflect about each quote.  Then students watched a TSN short documentary on Brady Keeper (see link below), an Indigenous youth from a northern Canadian community where youth are facing many challenges.  St Luke students were asked to write Brady a letter to show their support for his success and to empathize with the obstacles he has overcome.  Students did an amazing job reflecting on their own lives and relating obstacles they have overcome.  We are really proud of our students and their ability to empathize with others.

Brene Brown on Empathy

TSN Original:  A Kid from Nowhere (Brady Keeper Story)

Quotes about Empathy


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