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September 2020 School Plan

August 26, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We wish to thank you for your patience and understanding during the last few weeks. On July 31st, a fire at St Luke CHS rendered the building unusable for this fall, and possibly for the entire 2020/2021 school year. We are pleased to announce the new temporary home for St. Luke CHS will be the Kemptville College campus, located at 830 Prescott Street, Kemptville. Access to a number of buildings will enable us to continue to offer our Specialist High Skills Major programs in Hospitality and Construction Technology. Co-op for our grade 10-12 students will continue to be offered in a similar format, as in previous years.

The school day will remain the same as last year, with school starting at 8:30am and ending at 1:30pm. There will be some significant changes to the organization of the school day, based on restrictions due to Covid-19 protocols. Changes include;

– The first day of classes for students will be Tuesday, September 8th. This day will be an orientation day for students.

– Students are required to bring their own lunch and eat in their classroom.

– There will be a lunch recess with a designated outdoor space for students to use. Students are not permitted to leave the campus for any reason, and there will not be any place to purchase food.

– Busses will arrive at 8:15am and students will go directly into their classrooms from the bus.

– At dismissal time, 1:30pm, students will go directly to the bus from their classrooms.

– There will be no access to lockers. Please remind your child of what is appropriate to bring to school, as they will have their belongings with them in the classroom and are responsible for the contents of their jackets/purses/backpacks.

– Due to contact tracing, the movement of students on campus will be tracked very closely, and students will have to remain in their cohort/class for most of the school day.

– The phone number for the school will remain the same as last year, 613-283-4477 and is being transferred to the new campus site, effective September 8th. Should you wish to contact the school administration, please use the following email addresses;

Armando Lopes – Principal – Scott Renaud – Vice Principal –

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.

Yours in Catholic Education,

Armando Lopes, Principal

Scott Renaud, Vice-Principal

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