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Showing Our Respect

On Thursday, November 7th, grade 9 students at St. Luke Catholic High School visited the Smiths Falls Legion as part of their History course and Remembrance Day activities. Students explored the artifacts on display and listened to veteran Jim Jenkins share his experiences as a member of the Canadian Forces and his service with the Legion.

The following day, the same students travelled to Kemptville where they visited another CDSBEO high school, St. Michael’s. While there, students got a lesson on trench warfare from Mr. Fred Bortolussi and then toured through the model trench system that he and his classes have been working on for several years.

On Monday, November 11th, students from St. Luke will walk to the cenotaph in Smiths Falls to take part in the Remembrance Day ceremony and lay a wreath to honour members of our armed forces.


From History teacher, Mr. Burnie…
“Whenever we can bring learning to life it makes it more meaningful and engaging for the students. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Legion in town and grateful for them letting us visit and explore. This was the first time we’ve brought kids to to trenches in Kemptville and it was amazing. We are fortunate to work with staff like Fred Bortolussi, and he and his students should be commended for all the work they do to build and maintain those trenches!”

All grade 9 students at St. Luke for Laurie if you want them for an article…

“It was fun! It was a good historic experience!” -Heather Rathwell

“It was very enjoyable to learn about World War One history and to visit the trenches.” – Lyam McLellan

“It was actually pretty fun and I recommend that all schools check out the trenches to learn what it was like in WW1.” – Liam McCann

“It’s a good experience to go to Legion and hear about what happened. It’s cool to hear other people’s version and what the saw and felt.” -Spencer Bos

“They were both cool experiences and it was neat to see the old military guns and to talk about the trenches.” – Gaven Beney

“It was very fun. I enjoyed the fact that we got to see trenches – it’s not very often you get to do that!” -James Clark

“It was very nice of Jim to let us spend time at the Legion and to talk to us about experiences.” -Marcus Levere

“I found it interesting that the machine gun on display at the Legion was British made but sold to the Germans army prior to the war starting. It was really cool to see the trenches too!” – Matthew Babcock

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