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Hospitality Program

In 2018, a “state of the art” kitchen was built at St Luke Catholic High School’s new location.  The kitchen was designed as a commercial kitchen, so students would gain skills for future careers.

In grade 9, students learn the safety skills needed to use kitchen utensils and cookware, along with cutting techniques.  Students learn kitchen and table etiquette – how to set a table and table manners.  They start by learning how to cook scrambled eggs, muffins, pancakes and pizza which is used in the cafeteria servery.

In grade 10, students review skills learned in grade 9 and continue to expand their cooking repertoire.  Students are involved with cooking the lunch specials, such as tacos, lasagna, mac and cheese and chicken caesar salads.  They also learn budgeting for groceries and how to cost out a meal.


In grade 11 and 12, students explore international foods and continue to expand their cooking skills in their Specialist High Skills Major program.  Canning and preserving foods are taught and part of our Garden Project.  Students participate in school based “chop” competitions to prepare for the OYAP St Lawrence College Cooking competition.  A “Chop” competition is when a team of students get random ingredients and they must create a meal from these ingredients within a certain time frame.  Grade 11 and 12 students also cook the meals to go – meals that are bought by staff to take home.