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High School English

High school English at St Luke’s focuses on improving reading, writing and oral communication skills.  Students have access to laptops and the online Google Classroom program is used to help students organize their work and improve literacy skills through the Google Read and Write Tool.  Work can be accessed from home, so that parents and guardians can support their child’s learning.  Classroom activities are easily accessed and work is automatically saved.

In grade 10 students work on literacy skills for success on the Grade 10 Provincial Literacy Test.  This includes learning how to write a newspaper article, a 5 paragraph opinion piece and how to summarize a segment of reading.  Grammar skills are also practiced.

In grade 11 and 12, students often complete larger leaning activities that are connected to their math courses.  For example, in grade 11 students complete a learning activity about Financial Institutions – the services they provide, borrowing money and investing money.  CIBC has been coming to our school to do workshops with our grade 11s for the past few years.  In grade 12 students learn how to create a budget and adapt it depending on income.  These activities are completed through Google Classroom.

St Luke’s offers both pathways in Grade 12 – a Workplace English course and a College English course.