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Our Garden Project

St Luke’s has had a school garden since 2010.  It started with a 20 by 40 foot plot and turned into raised beds, a greenhouse, herb garden and a pumpkin patch.
Students return to school in the fall and help harvest the garden.
Students use the produce from our garden to learn about canning and preserving food such as salsa, dilly beans, pesto and mincemeat.
Senior students visit Barington Organic Farm to participate in a “Day at the Farm” workshop.

St Luke CHS moved in 2018 to a new location. It was sad to lose our garden, but we are excited to re-establish the garden program! We applied and received a grant from TD to rebuild our gardens. This grant has allowed us to partner with Bonita Ford, who will teach us about permaculture, and help us establish a garden that will benefit our earth. Each month, Bonita plans and runs workshops for our students. See Bonita’s website at http://www.livinghearth.net/ for more information about permaculture.

Follow our journey!

September – Grade 9 students visit Bonita’s garden to see, feel and learn about permaculture and to learn the teachings of the medicine wheel from Grandmere Francine.

October – Grade 10 students learn about soil composition and use soil tests to assess the soil at St Luke CHS.  Students create a map of St Luke to begin the process of finding a location for our new gardens and greenhouse.
October and November – Students create a worm composters to have good soil to use in our garden.  They had fun finding worms!