Student Covid Screening

Ensuring the safety of all of our students is important, and as of Wednesday, February 10th, the Ministry of Education requires that all students (Grades 9-12) complete a daily Covid-19 screener before or upon arrival to school.


Prior to leaving for school each day, we are asking all Grade 9-12 students to complete the Ontario Screening Tool. This can be found at: .


After students receive their result they are asked to verify this at:


Likewise, we will have many QR codes placed in classrooms and throughout the halls to have students complete the screener and form upon arrival, should they be unable to do so before coming to school.


Once the form has been filled out, the school will be notified.


Should students not have access to a device, they are asked to check in with a staff member regarding accessing one. 


We appreciate your support with this as we work with the Ministry of Education to implement their directive.